About A Step 2 Success

Our History

Jardar and Gudrun AarsandEstablished in 2004, A Step 2 Success was begun in answer to a vision set forth to his family by the late Knut J. Aarsand to be philanthropic. In founding this public charity, family members recalled the last phrase of every table prayer offered by this beloved family member, "let us be mindful of the needs of others." The Aarsand family is a small family with immigrant routes to the United States from Scandinavia. Like many immigrant families, arriving from Europe in the early 20th century, Jardar K. and Gudrun S. Aarsand’s hard work and determination helped make the American Dream a reality especially for their children and grandchildren. Many of the Aarsand Family descendants have become successful and believe that success isn’t handed to us but made possible by hard work and determination.

In creating this charity, The Aarsand Family members believe that our enabling steps to success via education are not a hand out, but a helping hand to young people who are trying hard to take step by step toward success.

Knut Aarsand


A graduate of Marshall University and George Washington University School of Law, Knut J. Aarsand began a fast food franchise in 1983 together with his children, Krista and Kurt. Together they built a very successful Taco Bell and KFC company, currently numbering 60 restaurants, with the opening of 3 more in 2014.

Aarsand Management of Hunt Valley, MD underwrites all of the expenses of this public charity, enabling 100% of all donations given to be used in the support of young people.

The Executive Director, Torben Aarsand, is the brother of the late Knut J. Aarsand, and he is proud to run this charity in his memory, and in thanksgiving for his family success.



What This Charity Does

A Step 2 Success is a 501 C 3 public charity that supports young people in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S (see Geographic Restrictions) through giving educational grants and opportunities for self improvement. We help young people who need financial assistance in paying educational expenses.